Saturday, November 6, 2010

Turn a Room into a Camera Obscura

Last weekend we decided to turn one of our rooms into a Camera Obscura. Who would have thought - it actually worked and it was not just an optical illusion!

The room was completely dark and we put some black material to cover all holes such as those under the door. We covered the window with black tape in which we made a small hole. At the beginning a tiny one and the we enlarged it to the size of a small coin.

The effect was quite surprising - we could really see the reflection of the reality outside on the floor of the room. Upside-down, of course!

We then took some pictures with a digital camera, tripod, long exposure. We were putting diffrent items on the floor so that we could see the reflection on them. Its was quite a creative process and definately more fun than making a camera obscura from a shoe box!

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