Friday, February 24, 2012

Stalk Info

I came across a website called, which claims that it can show you who googled your name. That's an interesting claim and I wondered if it was exaggerated. I wouldn't say the claim is untrue, it works. But it is slightly exaggerated. What do I mean?

Well, won't (obviously) show you the name and surname of the person googling your own name and surname. But it will show you their location. The thing is - if you see that someone from Washington searched for you, you may think: yeah, I grew up in Washington, it can be anybody. But if you see that someone from, let's say, Nimmes (a town in France) googled you, you start to wonder. Did any of my friends move to France? Have I got any French readers? Or maybe there is another person with the same name as me and this search didn't relate to me at all?

So some may say that raises more questions that it gives answers. I don't really care, I found it fun. And maybe one day it will prove itself useful.