Friday, November 12, 2010

Grey Card Camera Calibration

Ever wondered how to calibrate your camera with a Grey Card? Here is an easy way.

Remeber that there is no "standard white", that's why it's always better to calibrate using a grey card which reflects exactly 18% of the light.

1. Select your ISO - changing the ISO will ruin the calibration, so rember to calibrate each time you change the ISO!

2. Switch to Manual exposure.

3. Set the correct exposition as metered from the grey card. Make sure that the frame is fully filled by the grey card. Use spot metering.

4. Place the card at a 45 degree angle to both the light and your camera.

5. You may have to switch to Manual focus, Autofocus will not work as there are no contrasts to "catch on". Take the picture as slight out-of-focus.

6. The histogram should be a narrow stripe in the middle of the scale.

7. Set custom white balance.

8. After setting the custom white balance as the grey card take another picture of the card - see the difference?