Friday, January 28, 2011

How much can one earn from microstcok photography?

So we start from scratch. Assume that at the beginning we can add 20 images per month. So we have 20 pictures published and accepted in our protfolio. Everything now depends on how they like the community, photos, and more specifically the buyer.

Defines a very simple parameter, namely the number of downloads pictures in a month. (Abbreviated to DL`s / M - Downloads Per Month) This ratio determines the success or the flap of our newly added photographs. I think that for someone who starts his adventure with photography photos score above 10 DL`s / M is a success.

Okay, but how does it compare to earnings? From my current experience has shown that averaging a sold image translates into a 0.8 earned $. So, sold 100 photographs give us $ 80. On is a lot of pictures which DL`s / M exceeds the value 100