Monday, March 14, 2011

The color in photography

Appropriately selected color tone photographs can perfectly the mood the scene, while not having anything to do with the actual colors. Anyway, really for us there is no such thing as "true color" because all the visual information reaching the end of the brain and are processed by him, the human perception of color has nothing to do with the wavelength, which is the actual color of the reflected light. We know that snow is white, so that we see it - regardless of whether we look at it in full sun or at night under streetlights. We are equipped with the most perfect and fastest automatic white balance system. At a time when fotografowało solely on light-sensitive membrane, the possibility of manipulating color images were quite small - you could choose a film to daylight, incandescent or fluorescent (the latter two were expensive and difficult to get.) Then the differences between the color images obtained were quite substantial. If we wanted to subtle changes (and we did not do color prints in his own darkroom), you can choose different types of emulsions were specific products (both in terms of slides and negatives.) But that's nothing compared with the possibilities offered by the figure. Even the simplest cameras today allows the user to choose from multiple settings (Daylight, Incandescent, several types of fluorescent light, shadow, etc.), in the case of advanced models (some CDs and all SLR cameras), the choice is even bigger and even gives you a stunning selection of color temperature accuracy in Kelvin with high accuracy. Customers photographers in RAW mode may choose after the shooting, while working on the computer.