Friday, March 11, 2011

The flatness of the world in photography

Aside from all aspects of the metaphysical, the world has for us the three dimensions: height, width and depth. Meanwhile photography is flat - the image has only height and width. How does it compare to the "faithful" representation of reality? How is that looking at a flat picture, we see three-dimensional world? Of course, no one doubts that looks at the photograph, for example, and not through the window, but very easy for us to find a flat image on the known dependence of the real world. As always, for any type of fraud that corresponds to the human brain. He combines and processes the image respectively of the two eyes, allowing you eg to easily assess the distance that separates us from some object - nota bene acting on the basis of rangefinders, like the camera dalmierzowym. Besides the ability to convert two-dimensional image in three-dimensional feel is useful not only when viewing photos, but even when looking in the mirror.