Thursday, March 17, 2011


From a hardware point of view, perfectly fits a comparison of two types of viewfinder: a mirror and lunetkowego. Looking through the viewfinder SLR, the picture we see isolated from reality - as it were immediately placed in a black frame. Already at the entrance looks like a ready photo, a much more attractive than the real world, including because we look through the lens, which adds its own perspective. The riflescope camera's viewfinder shows you almost unchanged dalmierzowego world (only slightly scaled down, though, and since there are exceptions). What will be captured, marked in the viewfinder is a delicate frame of less than the whole viewfinder. Thanks also shows some of what is outside the frame - you can see, for example, a figure that in a moment we enter the frame and either break the scene, or to fulfill them. In addition, because we do not look through the lens, nothing interferes with perspective. Photographer has a greater bond with the reality that a photographer, because it looks at "the pictures"as in the SLR, but taking place before his eyes the scene.