Sunday, March 20, 2011

Humor in photography

Photography surrounds us almost everywhere - in newspapers, on billboards, Internet. We live in a world of images. Some of us stop for a moment, the other will pass without a trace of emotion. One of my favorite photos are ones that can me laugh, make my thoughts broke away from the prose of life. And I'm not talking about stupid shots mines, but of those, which pierces the photographer's sense of humor. The authors of these images can in an intelligent way to refer to famous works, themes or play with the conventions and associations. Photographer lets the viewer's eye, showing him a familiar character or situation, but not literally the same - it does not create a copy. Highlights some distinctive features, some rewrites, but that all were easily recognizable. This requires a rich imagination and a lot of skills, often feel and taste. Such work often can be an art in itself.